1440 Encouragements for Today

My newest project! The Lord laid this on my heart as I was looking at different devotionals. One was a 365 day devotional. Another was a 2-week devotional. My first one was a 40 day & night devotional. There were so many durations but then I got an idea. There are 1440 minutes in a day. Is there a resource for every minute of the day?

That got me thinking. I did research and found nothing like it online. I told several people about it and they loved the idea. So, I created a spreadsheet and invited friends to contribute. I’d love for more contributions and that’s why I created this page. If you have something the Lord has given you that you want to share with people at a specific time of the day, then fill out the form below which will go directly to me. I look forward to what everyone will share! Any encouragements that are used by me will be given appropriate credit in the publishing of the book. God bless you all!