40 Days and Nights of Passionate Devotions

40 Days and Nights of Passionate Devotions
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It’s been a humbling experience to see how much the Lord is using this devotion to minister. I’m so thankful He  chose me to be a messenger of His Word. This book is changing lives because it is full of the Word of God, the Spirit of Truth, and the love of Jesus. You can get a paperback copy on Amazon and many other locations like Barnes and Noble. If you are an e-reader, download for free by clicking the below button. 

Below are some hand-selected testimonies / reviews.

Mimi Papaspecht – “Aaron thx so much for your book. I received it yesterday. I could not put it down. I just finished it. I am so proud of you! I know it will change the lives of ppl everywhere. I know it reignited things on the inside of me. This book is you. It’s awesome! I also see the influence of your mom in it. Keep going baby you are doing a great job. Much love and many blessings too.”
Mihai Murineanu – “I have known Aaron for about five years now. He is a man with a big heart. I saw him grow in his relationship with our Lord Jesus and I saw him expanding his vision. He is one of the most humble, helpful man I know. He decided to follow Jesus with all of his heart and to impact as many people as possible in this world with the love of God.
I say all of these things because Aaron put part of his heart into his first book, “40 Days & Nights of Passionate Devotions”. I highly recommend his book and I believe that if you take your time and go through it the way Aaron designed it, you will be blessed beyond your expectations.” 
Bonnie O’Hare – “Goes Deep Into God’s Word! A Thorough Daily Word With Excellent Reviews!!!”
Kim Barrett – “Aaron Beach wrote this devotional from the heart, sharing God’s love, forgiveness, hope and purpose. The poetry is written with gentle depth, and there is a poem for every life experience that anyone can relate to. I use the devotional as a hospice Chaplain with my residents and the devotions open up hearts for deep discussion and the poems bring peace. I recommend this for anyone looking for a deeper understanding and relationship with God.”
Anne Marie Perry – “This is a wonderful daily devotional that I found to be a great source of encouragement and it’s very easy reading. I love how each day is divided into day and night readings. Each day is just a short but powerful reading based on God’s Word and Aaron has a great gift of sharing the infinite love and Grace of God. At the back of the book, he also gives scripture verses for each day that can help you dig deeper into your meditation on the day’s devotion and your relationship with God. Highly recommend!”
Stephanie Turner – “[What] I [really] like about this book it was full of the Word of God which is life. It really encourage[d] me [and] it came at the perfect time.”
Stephen McIntosh – “40 Days & Nights will encourage your soul and bring grace realities of refreshing to your heart! You will encounter God’s deep, love for you as you read through each chapter of this wonderful book! I highly recommend you share this devotional with your friends and family!!”
Lelo Masamba – “The Lord used Aaron’s devotional to speak to me right before launching me into ministry. Though Aaron wrote the words, I felt as if God himself were speaking the words over me. Use the book after you read your bible as part of your devotions. Try it, God may also speak to you through this book. God bless!”

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