Receiving from God can be compared to downloading a file.
* Choose your file to download. This is choosing a promise to believe on. You’ll want to know what the app does before selecting it. You’ll want a clear picture of what the promise will look like operating in your life. The file size is dependent on what the app does. You could be downloading a 4 KB installer or a 2 GB archive. Some promises of God seem bigger and more difficult to receive. It’s all about perspective.
* Files are downloaded in pieces. The network and the file server determine the speed at which it downloads. Believing increases speed, and reducing doubt increases throughput. The server is our spirit. It contains all the data we need. Our communication to the server is the faith of Jesus. That’s how we fetch the data from our server.
* The file is unrecognizable until it’s fully downloaded. When all the pieces have been received it’s put together and able to be used. Many times it looks like nothing is happening on the surface. If you don’t have a progress bar to see then you may come to the conclusion that it didn’t work. However, things are happening in the background. You are receiving from God. Your faith is being perfected in Jesus. You are learning to trust and rely upon Him. Patience is the ability to receive in faith: the process of faith working.
* Now that the file is complete: you can install it. This is the process of speaking it forth and pulling it out into the natural. Install the promise into your body. Reap the benefits of the promise.
* Open source software is supported by donors. People who are thankful to the developers give time and money to show they support their work. When we are thankful to God for His promise; it opens up a desire to give back to Him. We donate our gifts, talents, finances and love to show our support to Jesus. He freely provided all our needs. He didn’t leave anything out. He did it all for free.
As you can see, receiving from God is a simple process. Choose what to believe for (get a clear picture), remove all doubt (trust in His love), speak the promise forth (see it manifest in the natural).
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