Fake it 'til You Make It?

Fake it Til You Make It?

We aren’t faking it. The Word of God is more real than the physical realm. We believe the words that God has given to us. We trust in His power. We are secure in His love. We speak what is real in the spirit to bring it out into the physical realm. It’s what God did with creation. He calls things into the now. Calling because He used His voice. We are calling the things of the spirit into the physical realm with our words.
We are calling things that are not as though they are because in actuality those things exist in the spiritual realm. Anything we see is temporal and subject to change. The spiritual is set in the Cornerstone. It will never be shaken and will always be stable. Healing is in the spiritual. Provision and finances are in the spiritual. Wisdom is in the spiritual. All that we have need of is in the spiritual.
Call whatever you need into the physical realm. It will heed the voice of authority and come! Believe and don’t doubt even a bit! Make a bridge from the spiritual to the physical with your words! You have all the authority of Christ. You can do it because He could do it!
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