Submit Thy Self

Jesus did not speak with many words, as shown in the Bible, because He had perfect submission to the Father. He knew the Father’s authority. He believed His Father would uphold His Word. He had no doubt, no sin nature, and no heart issues to get in the way of Holy Spirit’s anointing.

Before you can understand authority you must know who is above you. Jesus knew the Father was above Him in hierarchy. We must also understand that the Father has supreme sovereignty. This means He’s at the top of the chain-of-command. Jesus understood this. He proved this throughout His life.

Jesus fully submitted to the Father’s will even when He struggled in the flesh. Look at the Garden of Gethsemane. Jesus prayed in Matthew 26:39 that not His own will be done but that His Father’s be done. Jesus had a freewill. We can see that Jesus could have chose to not follow the Father’s will. It was not automatic just because He was God. The human side of Him could have said no. Jesus chose to submit Himself under the authority of the Father. The Father honored Jesus and upheld His Word. In John 5:30 Jesus told those around Him that He could do nothing of Himself. In John 8:28 Jesus further says that He can do nothing of Himself but only what He has been taught from the Father. We must understand the chain-of-command just like Jesus.

We are unable to walk in the fullness of the power of God without being in proper alignment with His authority. We must submit ourself to the Father, through Jesus by the power of Holy Spirit. This is the beginning of the discipleship process. To submit ourself to the Father means we must also submit to those He has placed above us: the shepherds in our lives. For children that would be their parents. For students that would be their teachers. For church goers (which should be all of us) that would be your Pastors. For employees that would be their managers. For citizens of a country that would be the established authorities like the police, fire department, governors, senators, the President and so forth. For wives it would be to their husbands. Ultimately, by submitting to those above you; you show respect to God and He will honor you.

It takes humility to submit. Pride wants to rise up and say, “That’s not for me. I can run my own life.” The inverse to that, “I’m too shy to submit to someone else or I’m not ready.” The Bible clearly states in James that we must submit ourself in humility to God first, and then we can resist Satan. Submitting to God requires us to honor those He has placed above us.

Submission doesn’t mean you allow the other party to do whatever they want to you. Submission means you support the other party in anyway you can within the confines of the Word of God. You don’t try to seize control. You don’t complain and criticize them. You don’t spread rumors about them. Instead, you pray for them, help them when you can, and you bless them with your commitment. This is what God wants from His people: commitment.

The Father committed to us by His own established covenant with His Son. God didn’t have to establish a covenant to prove His love for us. He did it because He wanted to show the abundance of His grace, mercy, and compassion for us. He did it for us. Our human nature questions and doubts everything. However, through the Father and Son’s covenant we are able to have unwavering belief in God. Jesus even gives us His own faith to trust in the Father! That’s a talk for another time but you can see God went the extra mile to prove His love for us. We should do the same for those who are above us.

Jesus was submitted and because of it He was able to flow in the power of Holy Spirit. Jesus understood authority. Jesus used short commands: not pleas or requests. This is how Jesus ministered. Because He was exalted by the Father, the Father confirmed His Word by showing forth His love as shown by His actions of mercy and grace. It’s the same with us. When we get in alignment with God’s chain-of-command we open ourselves up to be blessed and also to bless others through the power of Holy Spirit. There’s no limit to what God can do through a submitted child!

God will not bless rebellion. To not submit is to commit rebellion and that is as witchcraft and sorcery. If you aren’t submitted to God you are submitted to Satan. There is no in-between.

Choose to submit to God! I recently made this decision at the Lord’s behest to submit to my shepherds, and immediately, things shifted in the spiritual. I had no idea the importance of the chain-of-command. God set it up that way for a legitimate reason. God knows what He is doing! I adjure you to submit yourself to all those above you, and you’ll see a change in your life.

“Father, we thank You for sending Jesus for us. Jesus, we thank You for modeling a perfect submitted relationship with the Father. We learn from Your example Jesus. Lord, show us those people in our lives we have not submitted to: that we have not committed our hearts to. We want to be in proper alignment with Your chain-of-command. Holy Spirit search my heart for any sort of rebellion and reveal it to me. I want to follow Your directives because I trust You. Lord, thank You for loving me and helping me live a life devoted completely to You. Thank You God! In Jesus’ powerful name we commit this prayer. Amen.”

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With all of Love’s blessings,
Aaron Beach

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