Give Like Jesus

You are never alone. Jesus is with you whether you acknowledge Him or not. He upholds creation with His Word. How much more does He uphold us who believe on Him and have received of His boundless love? When you love someone, it becomes a privilege to give. You want to bless the other. Gifts

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Jesus Loves You

Jesus Loves You

Jesus loves you. The entirety of the Bible was architected to support this statement. Love exudes from every page. You can find references to Jesus all throughout the Old Testament. He is the Word of God made flesh. He is the Living Word of God. He is the Truth. Jesus is the embodiment of divine

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Infinite Love

Infinite Love

God loves all the same. Love is personalized: customized to fit you. His love contours around your heart. The way He speaks, the way He blesses, the way He reaches out, the way He leads, and the way He teaches are unique to each person. Who better to love you than the one who created

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God Loves You

People seem to have this idea that God was mad at us because of Adam and Eve’s sin and Jesus had to entreat the Father on our behalf just barely able to appease His wrath. God wasn’t mad at us. He hates sin because it destroys what He loves most. There were harsh consequences for

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