To be the greatest in the Kingdom of God is to be a servant to all. Love honors others above yourself. Love is what everyone needs. Love serves.

Labor in Love

Labor in Love

Various fruits and vegetables require different tools for harvesting. In the same way, different gifts and talents are needed to harvest souls. We have been given the tools to reap the harvest for His Kingdom. We are the Body of Christ. We all work together and function as one. This is the church today. God has …

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You’re An Answer to Prayer

Know you are an answer to prayer wherever you go. Someone needs the encouraging words you have. Another person needs the prayer you’ll say for them. Yet one more needs the love you’ll show them. You are equipped to be a blessing wherever you go!

Artificial Light

Satan and his minions appear as angels of light. He disguises his traps to look tempting. They could even look good in this, “wrong light.” People fly too close to this light and get trapped and burned. Like a bug zapper. To a nocturnal insect, a bug zapper and a light bulb could look the …

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Be a Plus

Like a magnet Jesus had compassion on people and was attracted to where the sinners were because He desired them to be made well. In turn, the sinners knew they needed help and were attracted to the goodness and love of God. Everyone has an attraction to love. Love is a plus. People know there …

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