Sleep peacefully My child Release your cares to Me Trust, that I’m working all things out Dwell within the dreams I have for you I’ll show you My desires for your life Take off the shackles of worry and anxiety I’ll refill your well with abundant joy Lean on Me, My child Let My heart

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Have I told You lately That I love You. Have I told You lately That I need You. Have I told You lately That You are my Everything I want You to know That I love to worship You I couldn’t ever forget what You’ve done And I will never let my heart dwell on

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Merry Christmas 2020

Merry Christmas 2020

Christmas time is upon us The season about Christ Our Gift from God: unwrapped In manger He was born without fanfare Until the angels sang out their cheer Join with them to present a gift of praise Hear the wind breathing in excitement See the stars gleaming in exultation The clouds could not withhold their

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Treasure Hunter

The thrill of the hunt I have Your treasure map I won’t stop until it’s mine You’ve left so many traces for me to find I’ve become an expert at detecting Your clues I’ll keep digging and searching until I see that familiar glint of treasure I’ve grown to enjoy Every discovery is stored in

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You made it You can change it All things can be done Matter bends at Your will Time is unbound Atoms mold into anything Space is stretched No distance too far Everything within reach Speaker of infinite possibilities Doer of miraculous feats Lover of all mankind No law You can’t break No matter You can’t

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El Shaddai

El Shaddai Endless supply Never asking why You’re not shy You keep Your eye Watching from on high Feeling spry Ready to try You want me to fly My oh my Into the sky Leaving the ground by I won’t sigh You will not lie Won’t lead me awry You did tie Myself to Thy

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I’m an open vessel I hear the abundance of rain I’ll receive as much as I can This is just a small portion Much more is available I’m already overflowing Your goodness is relentless Your love is boundless Your promises flood me I must share so I can receive more I pour out what You’ve

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Gentle as a summer breeze Pushed away by a little sneeze Round and filled with hope Could even be made out of soap Breath of God in airy form Can escape any storm Promises of God made manifest Can be seen close to your chest Rise up high into the sky Never looking down or

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His love is enough His goodness is enough He is more than enough People will let you down Situations will bog you down But God will never let you down Don’t find your worth in what others say or do Don’t attempt to validate yourself with the beliefs of others Don’t compare yourself with those

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Free-wrote this a couple days ago. It reveals the personal intimate relationship God desires to have with each of us. Take time to learn His voice so you can experience all His goodness in full measure. —————————— Just a little longer Tarry with Me I enjoy our time together I cherish each moment Forget Me

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Just wrote a new poem! I was thinking how when God talked with Abraham He told him to look above to see the stars and look down to see the grains of sand. And it got me thinking God just covered everything above and everything below. So no matter where Abraham would look (they were

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