Children can have overactive imaginations. They can picture some crazy things. They may have dreams to be the President, a Doctor, a Lawyer, a Firefighter or Astronaut. How innocent and pure a child’s mind works. They don’t notice all the steps to get there they just want to see themselves there.
We are children of God. Our renewed imagination can now work for us. We picture ourselves fulfilling the desires God has given us. Children have parents to rely on. We trust our Father to provide shelter, to protect us, to feed us, teach us, and love us. Childlike-faith is trusting Jesus even when you don’t understand every step that it takes to get there. We have that type of faith in our spirit. He will walk with you and guide you in the right direction!
Start imagining and being joyful like a child who has no worries. This is just how good our God is. He has our needs met before we even ask Him. Trust your Heavenly Daddy to watch over you!
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