Will you let it go?

Will You Let It Go?

The Lord has called us to be world changers. The Body of Christ is a powerful force that can make a difference. When the Word of God is spoken in faith and boldness, it shall not return void!

We cannot fulfill the Great Commission without each other. Jesus said that the world will know Him by the love that the Body of Christ  demonstrates between each member. Is that happening today? Are we truly loving each other to the utmost? If we can’t love our Christian brothers and sisters, how can we love those who haven’t acknowledged Jesus as Savior?

There is too much division in the Body of Christ. Imagine for a second, what we could accomplish if we agreed with Jesus’ Word. What mountain could stand in our way? What ocean wouldn’t be split? What problem is there that we couldn’t solve? We’re more than conquerors in Christ Jesus! We’ve been given power and authority to exert His will in the Earth.

Will you let go? Will you let bygones be bygones? Will you forgive your brothers and sisters who offended you? Will you forgive them of the words they spoke against you, and the actions they did to harm you?  Will you let your emotions be restored? Will you let the trauma be healed?

Jesus, is the Healer of Broken Hearts. We aren’t able to forgive in our own strength. It all comes from Jesus. While Jesus was on the cross, He made sure to tell the Father to forgive those that know not what they do. How many people, by accident, have hurt us? They did not know what they were doing! We don’t battle with people. We war against demons, evil spirits, and principalities that influence the actions of people. We can forgive. We will forgive in Jesus’ name.

God is the Judge. By not forgiving another, you are telling God that you are the judge, and that His justice is insufficient. God is the vindicator. But since we aren’t fighting people, then what is there to be mad about? Why would we get bent out of shape over anything?

The memory of pain is a strong one. The memory of trauma and emotions can be terrifying. Jesus heals that deep-rooted heartache type of pain. He binds up the broken-hearted. Forgiving someone through the power of Jesus is freeing yourself from the chains of judgment. God already judged Jesus in your place. You don’t need to judge anyone! So make sure you keep yourself free of offense and quickly forgive.

Unforgiveness in your heart gives place to Satan. Do you want Satan living in your heart? Absolutely not! Root him out! Let Jesus take that unforgiveness and wash away all the pain the memory caused you.

“Dear Jesus, we thank You for Your love for us. Thank You for sacrificing Your body and blood to save me from sin. You have set me free from the chains of death. Jesus, search my heart. Show me any place of unforgiveness that needs healing. Lord, because You have forgiven me, I will forgive others with the same love. I thank You for taking away the emotional turmoil and physical pain these offenses have caused me. Whether it was intentional or not Lord, it’s all the same. I choose to forgive my brothers, sisters, and soon-to-be family. I will never again doubt that I have forgiven those who have trespassed against me. Hallelujah! I am free from unforgiveness and I will continue to walk in forgiveness at all times. In Jesus loving name. Amen.”

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