Sin is not freedom

Sin is Not Freedom

Sin is disguised to look like freedom. Satan is crafty with his deceit. His trickery entices the senses. He plays with the carnal mind. Compromise is his language. “Well, it won’t hurt to just try one.” “Well, it won’t hurt to do it once then stop.” “Well, everyone else is doing it.” “Well, it sounds good to me.” All it takes is one step into his domain and then he’s got you trapped: bound by some crazy addiction or feeling.

But Jesus, has given us grace. Grace isn’t freedom to sin; it’s freedom from sin! Through Jesus’ power we can deny temptation and reject sin. If you don’t have Jesus, you can’t free yourself from Satan’s clutches. Jesus came to destroy the works of Satan. All of his deception and lies are revealed by the light of God’s love for us.

God wants us free! He doesn’t want His creation, His most valuable and precious people whom He loves dearly, to be bound or imprisoned by addictions or behaviors. Whom the Son has set free is indeed, truly, and actually free! Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty!

If you are struggling with anything that has been abusing your emotions, stealing your finances, hurting your body, or damaging your relationships: Jesus wants you to be free today! Cast those feelings, addictions, behaviors and lies to Jesus. Throw them off your mind! Speak out each one and then thank Jesus for setting you free!

“Lord, I thank You for setting us free from sin and Satan. Jesus, You buried sin in the grave and it shall never again hold us back from a relationship with You. I speak over each person that reads this article. Lord, restore their hearts, heal their bodies, and renew their minds to the good plans that You have in store for them. Jesus, right now, we break every spirit of addiction, infirmity, pain & trauma, depression, suicide, rebellion, bondage, lawlessness, disbelief, and every curse spoken against them, in the mightiest name of Jesus Christ! We release grace, mercy, peace, and love to embrace each person’s heart. We thank You Jesus for setting your children free in Your Name! We praise You and give You all the glory forevermore! Hallelujah! Amen!”

If you felt a huge burden lift while praying this prayer: let me know! Contact me, send me a comment, or hit me up on Facebook or Instagram.

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