Living Perfectly

Through grace, we are free from sin and are able to abound in good works. Good works flow from a loving heart. Jesus lived a perfect life on Earth. He loved everyone which allowed Him to heal them. He loved the world and through that was able to sacrifice Himself for all. That same love also resurrected Him and now He lives forever. To anyone who believes on Him, that same love is on the inside. We can live the same life of love that Jesus did.
Perfect love casts out all fear. Fear of sickness, disease, pain, bondage, failure, loss, insecurity, worthlessness, rejection, punishment, torment, and lack are conquered through acts of love. Holy Spirit leads us to encourage people, give to people, heal people, and meet their needs.
Living out of the spirit is living in love. Jesus went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by Satan. We can live the same kind of life as Jesus. A perfect life of love.
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