I do not believe that clouds were part of the original Eden. Clouds cause rain. There was no need for rain. The earth was watered by underground springs. There was no need to obscure the sky, sun, moon, or stars. Clouds hide things.

We’ve experienced this. Have you ever driven through heavy fog? It’s dangerous because you can’t see anything around you. Visibility is low. When you fly through clouds in an airplane, you can’t see anything but clouds around you. The majestic glory of the Lord’s nature and landscapes are completely hidden from you.

I believe the cloud of glory was an incomplete presence of the Lord. This was a potion of God’s glory. But much of it was hidden because God was not able to show the true nature of His glory because Jesus had not been revealed yet. This cloud would stay until the veil was lifted and we could see unclouded grace and mercy.

Jesus rides on the clouds. Not in them. They hide His presence until the day of the Lord. We don’t want a cloud! We want the water inside. We want what is behind it. We want to see with unveiled eyes. We want the unclouded love, grace, and mercy that is Jesus Christ in us the hope of glory!

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