Healing Truths

Since you can’t be separated from His love; you also can’t be separated from His healing. There are no ‘levels’ of healing. It’s as easy for God to heal a splinter as it is for Him to grow out a limb. It’s the same power that worked in Jesus that would heal both of these. Our faith should not be affected by the circumstances.
Life or death situations may seem more serious but in actuality healing is healing. Either believe and receive or don’t. Unbelief seems to flourish in more dire circumstances. This is when our soul tries to get us to stop trusting and start doubting. There is no room for doubt for those that believe. Don’t allow a door of fear to allow doubt to make a room in your mind. Leave no place for the devil to roam.
Quote the Word of God and stand on it with full assurance, trusting that He is faithful to complete or perfect His Word in any situation it is brought into. His Word does not return void but shall accomplish His will. Thank Him for the desired result now. Thank Him for the answered prayer, manifested healing or powerful wisdom now.
Faith is now, its active and dynamic. Faith moves mountains out of the way and splits oceans in half. Faith allows us to access all the benefits grace has provided. Healing is part of salvation. Jesus took stripes on His back to give us healing. Holy Spirit in us quickens our mortal body to receive healing. It’s already in our spirit we just activate it by faith!
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