Heart Doctor

When we accepted Jesus, a heart transplant took place. We were given a responsive heart. A heart that can hear His voice and respond to His truth. A heart that understands righteousness. Our conscience was awakened to a new level. We are now able to commune with the Living God!

However, there is more for us. The heart transplant was the first step. There’s another separate step to walking and living in the fullness of God. That’s the circumcision of the heart. To completely surrender your heart to Him. This is evidenced by the Baptism of Holy Spirit. To become baptized by Holy Spirit, you must believe that there’s more. You must desire a deeper relationship with Jesus. You must want to experience all the gifts He has for you. A fervent desire; a humble heart; and a willing vessel will allow Him to baptize you. To surrender your tongue is the ultimate trust. This is why speaking in other tongues is the chosen evidence. God knows He has your heart: if He has your mouth.

Our Heavenly Father is an expert Heart doctor! He’s the Great Physician. When He does a heart transplant; it doesn’t ever have to be redone. When He does a heart circumcision; He’s accurate enough to not hit any vitals. His work is always perfect. You can trust Your Heart Doctor!

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