Don't Worry Anymore

Don’t Worry Anymore

Worry is fear of the future; It’s in opposition of hope. However, when you get an understanding of the love of God, you’ll realize all your worries are unfounded, unsubstantiated claims full of lies spoken to you by Satan.
The complete love of Christ removes every fear, but only if you believe in Him. Jesus told us in John 16:33 to not let our hearts be troubled because He has overcome the world. Greater is Jesus inside of us than all the worries that so easily ensnare our mind!
Speak the truth of God’s Word, believe it unwaveringly, be fully persuaded that what He has declared cannot be denied. He said He’d take our every care, He told us not to worry about tomorrow, He has provided to us, who believe, all things that pertain to life and godliness, and every promise toward us is, “Yes, Yes, Yes!” and we put our agreement to it by speaking it forth in full unabashed assurance!
Christ has not left us helpless; we are more than overcomers through His love for us and through us!
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