It's In Your Spirit

It’s In Your Spirit

Focus on being Christ and your actions will match His character. His life in us produces fruit. We don’t have to work hard for it; we believe that we have it, put our trust in the faith of Jesus, and then we live naturally super! Daily life becomes easy as a sweatless anointing leads to effortless change.

Jesus’ life in us transforms us from the inside out. As He is so are we. What did Jesus have when He was on earth? We have those exact same benefits. Health, wisdom, passion, power, authority, purpose, love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, patience, self-control, meekness, and faithfulness. That’s what you have in your spirit!

Our spirit is a flawless reflection of Christ. We were crucified with Christ, nevertheless we live, but not us, It’s His life in us that has become our life. Acknowledge what you have in Christ and you will be able to unwrap the gifts that were given to you!

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