No Longer a Junker

Before Christ we were an old junker.
In Christ, He took His time restoring us.
He buffed out our scratches (care).
Replaced our broken parts (healed us).
Gave us a new windshield and mirrors (better visibility).
Changed our tires (stability).
He upgraded our engine (heart).
Calibrated our transmission (good thoughts), and changed our oil (anointing).
Replaced our muffler (control over emotions).
Gave us a cleaner exhaust (peace).
He power washed us (baptism).
He gave us a fresh coat of paint (identity).
He updated our interior (character).
He gave us brighter headlights (vision).
A top-of-the-line stereo and horn (boldness).
All the bells and whistles we could ask for (blessing and provision).
An all-encompassing maintenance guarantee (access to the throne room).
An in-depth manual and GPS system (Holy Spirit to guide and lead us)
Hallelujah! We’re no longer an old Jalopy! We’ve been restored into a one-of-a-kind Hotrod. Everywhere we drive we showcase the Mechanic’s handiwork!
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