Joy is an Outreach

Joy is an outreach

When you respond differently than the world thinks you should, it garners attention. Believe it or not, you are being watched by those around you. When you go through life with joy, it affects them. They start to wonder why you don’t fall apart when something bad happens or flip out when someone gets angry at you. They compare their own actions against yours and they see a difference. They question themselves. Just by letting the joy of the Lord be your strength you will reach others for Jesus.

Want to know why the joy of the Lord is your strength? Worries, anxiety, fear, stress and depression all sap your energy. They make it hard to get things done. They take your focus away from Jesus. They drag you down and keep you in the muck. When we set our hearts toward Jesus, His joy keeps us focused. His joy, gives us confidence that we are loved by Him, and that all things will work together in our favor because He watches over His children. We know victory is assured for us. We trust Him! This is why we can be thankful in any situation. What Satan means for evil, God will turn around into a testimony!

When we remember what His Word says it inspires us to praise God for His goodness and grace which in turn stokes our joy which then leads us to be bold in faith. We are able to work as if it was for God instead of man. We can be joyful at all times! It’s an attitude of the heart. We can choose to dwell on the circumstances or dwell in Jesus and His promises! The choice is yours but I adjure you to choose Jesus! We can do all things through Christ Jesus when we rely on His joy as our strength!

“Father, in the name of Jesus, we come before You. Help us to stay filled with joy. Even when things look dire or near hopeless let us rely on Your faithful words and love toward us. Show us what it means to be truly joyful at all times. We thank You for reminding us of Your unfailing promises and abundant blessings. We trust You completely. We cast away the spirit of heaviness and put on the garment of praise which brings forth joy. Hallelujah! We thank You for victory in every area of life! We give You all the worship, praise, honor, glory, and splendor forevermore in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. We love You and we know You love us even more than we can fathom. In Jesus’ name we commit this prayer. Amen.”

If this teaching blessed you then share with someone else! They need to know that there is a better way. If you want to contact me, you can send me a message on Facebook or use my contact form.

With all of Love’s blessings,
Aaron Beach

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