Give Like Jesus

You are never alone. Jesus is with you whether you acknowledge Him or not. He upholds creation with His Word. How much more does He uphold us who believe on Him and have received of His boundless love?
When you love someone, it becomes a privilege to give. You want to bless the other. Gifts are an overflow of love. Because God loves us first, He gave us the best gift of all: Jesus Christ. And because Jesus loved us so much: He gave us a multitude of gifts and took all things away that held us down. Now, because we have received of this perfect love, we also enjoy giving to others. Giving is a blessing. Giving is an outward expression and demonstration of love.
Be fully persuaded in your heart to be a giver. God showed us the example and now we follow His Way: Jesus Christ the only Way, the only Truth, and the only Life. Give like Jesus: out of a joyful heart because He just wants to let others know He loves them.
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