God Loves You

People seem to have this idea that God was mad at us because of Adam and Eve’s sin and Jesus had to entreat the Father on our behalf just barely able to appease His wrath. God wasn’t mad at us. He hates sin because it destroys what He loves most. There were harsh consequences for sin in the OT because Jesus needed to have a pure virgin vessel to enter the world. Without those commandments, who’s to say that there would have been?
Jesus is the perfect representation of the Father. He followed the Father’s will in all He did. If God had been mad at us, Jesus would have have been mad at us! Yet, Jesus displayed a compassionate and caring love that the world had not seen before. Since Jesus loves like that, and He’s the exact image of the Father, then we can see that the Father loves us the same way. God loves us because that’s who He is!
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