God-s Favorite

God’s Favorite

You are God’s favorite! He loves you deeply and affectionately. He wants the absolute best for you. He has abundant gifts for you to open. He has incredible dreams and plans in mind for you to walk out. In fact, He’s written it all out in the Bible.

When the Holy Spirit wrote the Bible through the penmanship of men, He had you in mind. He wrote specific verses just for you! Read the Word of God with an understanding that there are words placed in it for you to find! The Bible becomes so much fun to read when you realize how much He wrote for you!

God is limitless. There is boundless creativity in the Bible. He reaches out in many ways through His Word to you. He wants you to be thoroughly equipped in every good work and thought. Jesus carefully chose every word to teach with such precision. He was thinking of exactly what to say to speak to your heart. You were on His mind. He knew you’d find His words and would be transformed in your soul.

God knows the end from the beginning. He sees the past, present, and future all at the same time. We can’t even comprehend what that’s like. Jesus knew, from the Father, what exactly God wanted you to hear to affect your future for the greatest result.  Praise God! How loving He is! You are His favorite!

“Thank You God, for loving me to the utmost and overflow. I accept Your favor. I receive Your blessing. I believe that I am Your favorite child. I hear You speak precious promises full of Your goodness to me. I adore You, Jesus. You are the Best! There is no comparison to Your love for me. I’m so excited for the plans that You have for me. You are so good and You only have ever been good to me. I praise You, God! Hallelujah, for You are faithful to me. I trust You forevermore! In Jesus’ holy name, Amen.”

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