Offense is Manipulation

Offense is a form of manipulation.
The offended party expects the other to bend to their will or else they throw a fit. It becomes a form of control. You see this happen with undisciplined children. They do whatever they want and then if they don’t get their way they become offended and cry, scream, fight, etc… until they get their way.
Taking offense is a children’s game! Paul talks about this in the love chapter, 1 Corinthians 13. As children we had different views and behaved like children but now that we are adults we can behave maturely by putting away childish things like for example: taking offense. I find it intriguing that this was spoken of in the love chapter. Love doesn’t act immaturely and it never manipulates. Discipline your heart by not taking offense!
Don’t be manipulated by others who expect you to conform to their standards or beliefs. We all have our own thoughts about things (hopefully grounded in the Word 😉). Division and separation is the enemy’s tactic. Unity and community is God’s way.
Love people where they are and if you disagree on certain things, love them more!
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