I’ve been seeking the Lord about music recently. I’ve been asking Him to teach me the music of Heaven. I feel that I need to share the musical compositions He has given me. This page will be updated as He pours more songs into my heart. Feel free to share with anyone!

Glory: the Lord gave me this on 9/11/2021. It was a blessing to play it! I did not know it was the 20th anniversary of 9/11. I believe the Lord is saying that He is restoring the former glory of our country. As we seek His face and enter into His presence, we’ll see a massive shift in our country and the world. Listen and be blessed!

In the Throne Room: the Lord gave me the melody 9/12/2021. I finished the arrangement on 9/14/2021. I imagine we are walking toward the throne room of Heaven. As we walk, we see all sorts of amazing sights. The glory gets stronger and heavier and the praising gets louder. We hear more people, creatures, and angels praising God as we get closer. When we do see Him, we fall on our knees and worship the Almighty God! Listen and be blessed!

Heart’s Desire: the Lord gave me this a long time ago but I recorded it on 9/15/2021. I feel like this tune is more about seeking the Lord deeper and putting Him first in your life. He is your greatest heart’s desire. He wants you to draw closer to Him. I believe this song will do that for you. Listen and be blessed!

Walking with God: the Lord gave me this on 9/17/2021. I picture us walking with the Lord along with the ups and downs of the journey. Sometimes we’re on the mountain top and other times in the valley but He never stops walking with us. Listen and be blessed!

Joy of Your Salvation: the Lord gave me this on 9/18/2021. I believe this represents the joy of the Lord as you walk out your salvation day-by-day. There’s nothing more fun than being a child of God! Listen and be blessed!

Learning to Trust: the Lord gave me this on 9/24/2021. Not every song has to be long. This is a child-like faith song. As a child we come to the Lord knowing that He will take care of us. We learn to give Him trust in every area of our life the closer we draw to Him. Listen and be blessed!

Come to His Table: the Lord gave me this on 9/24/2021. I believe this is a song about Him inviting us to dine with Him. The invitation is open and He so desires us to partake of His promises that He personally prepared for us. The Father passionately wants relationship with you! Listen and be blessed!

Just Breathe: the Lord gave me this on 10/2/2021. It’s easy to get caught up in life’s daily minutia and forget to relax and breathe. Breathing deeply is an intended way for us to rest in the peace of God. Breathe in His goodness and breathe out worry, care, anxiety, and fear. Listen and be blessed!

Follow Me: the Lord gave me this concept on 10/14/2021. When things get crazy and chaotic there is the voice of Holy Spirit that can lead us into all peace. We can learn to attune our heart to His frequency by investing time into a relationship with God. He desires to lead us. Listen and be blessed!

Celestial Chorus: the Lord gave me this on 10/23/2021. I picture every star gleaming in glory to the One who created the Universe. The stars hum their tune and shine their light along with every other created celestial object seen and unseen. Listen and be blessed!

Resting in His Promises: the Lord gave me this 10/27/2021 and I finished it on 10/28/2021. We can sleep knowing our needs are met in God. He wants us to sleep peacefully without an ounce of worry or anxiety about what the future holds. It’s all good in Jesus! He’ll make all things work together for those who rest in Him. He gives His beloved rest. Listen and be blessed!

Walking on Water: the Lord gave me this on 10/28/2021. Walking on water with Jesus can be fun. It will challenge our unbelief. We must choose to keep our eyes on Jesus and not look to our circumstances. Believe Jesus with child-like faith. Walk on water with Him! He will take you to places beyond your wildest dreams! Listen and be blessed! 

A Star is Born: the Lord gave me this on 11/5/2021. I imagine the stars in the sky getting so excited about Jesus’ birth. And then there is the chosen star, the one star that is selected to be the sign to the universe. It was created for such a time. Its purpose had perfect timing and perfect execution. That’s how much God loves His Son. He preordained the stars in the sky to welcome the coming of Jesus Christ. And yet God was pleased to sacrifice His Son to establish relationship with us. What a marvelous Father we have! Listen and be blessed! 

Joy to the World – 2021 – I played this arrangement 12/16/2021. What a wondrous day it was when Jesus came to the Earth as a baby! Celebrate Christmas by thanking Him and giving freely to others just as our Heavenly Father gave to us the incomparable gift of Jesus Christ. Joy to the World was the 1st Christmas hymn I learned to play from my mother. It holds special meaning in my heart. Have a blessed Christmas and a resplendent New Year!

Eyes of Fire – I was inspired on 10/24/2022  to play music as I imagined looking into the fiery eyes of Jesus. The music is gentle and fierce. Like the Lion and the Lamb. Jesus is a consuming fire and yet a refining fire. A Fire that can burn away all the dross that is attached to you, and yet also burn with passion for your heart. He is a Jealous and Zealous God who desires your heart above all else. His eyes gaze deep into your heart; He knows you intimately. He knows you better than you know yourself. Listen to Eyes of Fire and imagine Jesus standing there looking straight into your eyes with an insatiable Love that draws you into holiness. 

Journey – I was inspired on 11/2/2022 to compose this. I picture myself like a child holding tight to my Daddy as we journey together through life’s up’s and down’s. He takes me and shows me awesome sights. He is so awesome! Listen and be blessed!