Answer the Phone

Holy Spirit will prompt us to give words of encouragement to people. We are the vessels of which God communicates to others. I liken it to a phone that rings. You have a ringing phone go off on the inside of you. You know God wants to reach out to the person but you ignore the phone. It keeps ringing and getting louder and eventually it becomes an irritant.
To get the phone to stop ringing you either unplug it or answer it. Unplugging it is hardening your heart to the voice of God. Answering it opens up God’s voice to the person He wants to reach out to. The thing about the phone is you don’t always know what the caller is going to say. Once we answer the phone we can expect God to say what He has on His mind.
Earnestly seek to love others. Go out of your way to love people. Bless them, encourage them and help them without them ever asking for it. Answer the phone: they need to hear what God wants to tell them!
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