Artificial Light

Satan and his minions appear as angels of light. He disguises his traps to look tempting. They could even look good in this, “wrong light.” People fly too close to this light and get trapped and burned. Like a bug zapper.
To a nocturnal insect, a bug zapper and a light bulb could look the same. They both provide light. But one is far more dangerous than the other. A light bulb most likely isn’t hot enough to kill. People are looking for heat and comfort but they are being tricked into flying toward the wrong light. A cold, uncaring and destructive light.
We need to protect people. We are to point them toward the light of the world. His light never fades, provides comfort and warmth, has no fear attached and doesn’t burn! In fact, the closer you get to this light, the better off you’ll be! You’ll start reflecting His light just like Moses did when he had to wear a veil so his face didn’t blind the Israelites. We want to show people such a bright light that it outshines the false light created by Satan!
The brightest light is the one that gets all the attention. The brightest light can make everything else look dark in comparison. Shine Jesus! Shine His love. Shine His compassion for others. People are looking for it!
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