Jesus’ Labor

Who labored harder than Jesus?
The laborer shall be worthy of His reward. Jesus is worthy of His reward! He chose us. He chose to have a relationship with us as His reward. He chose to adopt us into His family.
Jesus worked hard for us. He didn’t want anyone to perish. He was pushed beyond His body’s limits and found His strength in the Father. He was persecuted, betrayed by the ones He loved, wrongly accused, tortured and then abandoned by the Father if only for a moment that must have felt like an eternity. And yet, He’d do it all over again for you to know how much He loves you.
He conquered death for us to have life. He released Holy Spirit to empower us with the same strength He had to minister and love. Who worked harder than Jesus? Who will labor with Jesus to bring in the harvest? Who will stand up in His name? Who will carry His love to the ends of the Earth?
It’s us! We’re the ones He has sent. He has called us by His name. He identifies with us and we with Him. Through the power of Holy Spirit we are co-laborers with Christ that are well able to bring in the harvest.
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