Love Like Jesus

Love like Jesus.
Jesus: healed all who were sick
Us: offer to pray for healing
Jesus: comforted those who were distraught
Us: offer to comfort those who are ailing
Jesus: blessed with His words
Us: bless those around us with His words
Jesus: gave of Himself freely
Us: give and serve as He did freely
Jesus: gave to the poor
Us: provide needs for those and teach them about God’s provision
Jesus: cared about the needs of the people, fed multitudes of people
Us: provide food for the hungry and give them the Word to trust God for their needs
Jesus: met people where they were and brought them up to His level
Us: go to where the people are and bring them up to His level
Jesus: taught the Bible with authority
Us: teach principles of the Word to others with authority
Jesus: made disciples to carry on His legacy
Us: make disciples to carry on His legacy
Jesus: prayed to the Father for direction and listened for His voice
Us: pray for direction and listen to Holy Spirit’s voice and peace
Jesus: operated in gifts through love
Us: operate in gifts of Holy Spirit through love
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