You made it
You can change it
All things can be done
Matter bends at Your will
Time is unbound
Atoms mold into anything
Space is stretched
No distance too far
Everything within reach
Speaker of infinite possibilities
Doer of miraculous feats
Lover of all mankind
No law You can’t break
No matter You can’t shape
No dream You can’t wake
No mountain too tall
No valley too deep
No ocean too wide
With one Word
A path is made
And Light leads on
Situations get better
Sick become healed
Hearts are pieced together
Transformation occurs
When we receive Your love
Never can we be the same
Old nature is dead
Buried in the grave
Newness of life is ours
Giver of every blessing
Provider for every need
Abundance incarnate
Banner of affection
Shield of favor
Your glory raises us up
Your mercy rests on us
Your peace watches over us
We can’t begin to understand
Just how much You gave for us
A perfect sacrifice for unclean beings
You traded Your glory
For our shame
And all sin
Eternal joy you wanted to share
Unshakable hope without compare
Passionate and boundless love for all
My heart is Yours
My soul desires You
My life is changed for good
I delight myself in You
I speak Your promises out
I believe every word You’ve said
You’ve given me a vision
To accomplish Your mission
Along with all the provision
I trust in You
You’ll never let me down
You always lift me up
Off the ground
Above everything
Into Your Heavenly presence
My Lord and co-heir
Ruling and reigning over all
Not a care or worry
No issue or trouble
Will shake me off Your lap
I’m with You forever
You’re with me forever
We’ll always be together
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