Dance Forever

Take my hand
Show me Your steps
You may have this dance
Your smile lights up my soul
Your kind eyes captivate my heart
I’m amazed by Your love
Draw me close
Unto the water
Show me Your rhythms of grace
You never miss a beat
You don’t make a misstep
You’re teaching me how to dance
I can hear your heart beat
Harmonize with mine
Let’s dance all anxieties away
When we’re together
Time ceases to flow
Your Presence is eternity
The world is changing around us
But You’re the only one I notice
Everything pales in comparison to Your radiance
You’re stretching out every second
So we can savor our time together
We’re enjoying each other
You lift me above every obstacle
And as we float through the air
Your joy supports my every move
I’ve never felt more alive
Or at peace than I do now
You bring out all the good in me
Embrace me, Beloved
Your fragrance is sweeter
Than richest honey
Your gentle spirit
Touches my heart
You’ll always be my Partner
No force exists
That could tear us apart
Always we’ll be entwined
No one dances like You
No one loves me like You
No one will ever take Your place
Let’s dance forever
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