Father’s Delight

I still remember the day.
As if it was a moment ago.
When I imagined you.
When I thought of your life.
Oh how it excites Me even now!
You were as My blank canvas.
I hand-sculpted your features and took My time crafting your face.
I painted you with the colors of Heaven.
You are My one-of-a-kind masterpiece.
I wouldn’t change any detail about you; you were made perfect.
You turned out better than I could have hoped for!
I created you in expectation of all the fun we’d have together!
My eternally-loved child, how I cherish your presence.
The sweet sound of your voice is a magnificent melody to My ears.
Your outward affection makes My heart skip.
Your unique personality captivates Me.
I look forward to the decisions you make and the things you do.
I watch over your every step: making sure you don’t slip or fall.
When you make a mistake: I’m always ready to catch you.
I’ll clean you up and lead you along paths of Grace.
There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you.
I’d give all of Heaven for you.
I sent My Son, Jesus to bring You home where you belong.
You are an important part of My family.
I could never replace you!
You encourage My heart.
What an honor to be the Father of you!
I’m grateful that you are Mine.
When you come to sit with Me: what joy fills My heart!
When you say My Name, My heart fills with ecstasy!
I enjoy blessing you.
I look forward to your radiant smile.
I have so many gifts to give you.
I won’t let you lack any good thing.
I have supplied all your need.
Your dreams and desires are from Me.
Together, we’ll fulfill them to the utmost!
I have planned amazing journeys for us.
As we walk together, I so adore your every move and breath.
I won’t let anyone come between us.
You are a part of Me.
When I look into your gentle eyes, I see Me.
I’m greatly pleased with how you turned out.
It’s My joy to instruct you in My ways.
You are Your Father’s treasure.
I delight in you.
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