Grave into Grace

It was a grave situation
Jesus Christ
The Son of Man
Lifeless and dead
Buried in a tomb

It was a grave situation
The world’s Light
Was burning bright
Until darkness rose up
And extinguished Him

It was a grave situation
His disciples felt lost
Thinking they’d messed up
Followed the wrong Man
And hid their shame at home

It was a grave situation
His mother had watched in agony
As her Son was dying before her eyes
She could do nothing but pray
And cry in misery

It was a grave situation
Roman guards assigned to stand
Around the tomb to apprehend
Any who came near or wanted to see
The Man of God cloaked in dark

Three days later…
Love like a bolt of lightning
Thundered enough to wake the sleeping Jesus
Scared off all the guards
Rolled the stone away from His tomb

It was a grace situation
Angels stood round about
To welcome our Conquering King
As He made His triumphant procession
Into the realm of men

It was a grace situation
Mary Magdalene was the first to see
The risen Jesus in full authority
Instantly she knew Jesus was alive
He told her to go and tell His followers

It was a grace situation
She ran to tell the disciples
Our Jesus is alive
She shouted and proclaimed
To any who would listen

It was a grace situation
The disciples waited in their homes
Suddenly Jesus appeared to them saying
Peace be unto you
He showed them His wounds and they believed

It was a grace situation
Jesus found and restored Peter to full identity
He told them to wait for the Holy Spirit
He ascended to Heaven and sits next to the Father
Where He looks down on His finished work and smiles

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