Letter to My Bride

To My Dearest Beloved,
How are you? I so long to be with you. I’ve been counting the moments until our ceremony. My Father is still preparing everything. He told Me not to worry. He’d take care of all the arrangements.
Did you receive My gifts? I had My messengers deliver them. I don’t want you to lack any good thing. I sent my Advisor to assist you. He’ll help prepare you for the wedding. He knows Me just as well as My Father. I’m sure He will comfort you until I return.
I also sent you a fruit basket. I handpicked each one Myself: making sure each one would give you vital nutrition to sustain you. They are the same ones that I partake. Please help yourself. I wouldn’t want you to go hungry. Please freely eat as often as you’d like.
Your dress is coming along nicely. It is so breathtakingly beautiful but it pales in comparison to My spotless bride. The jewels that adorn it make it twinkle like the cloudless night sky.
Your veil is being knitted from the finest silk in all the Kingdom. It is dainty and translucent like a rich ivory yet it allows light in to reflect the color of your eyes.
Your crown is being molded from the purest gold. My Father Himself carefully chose each piece from His own treasury. He loves you as much as I do! He is excited to welcome you into Our family.
You have to see this house my Father built for us! It will accommodate our every need. It has been furnished with the most beautiful furniture, the most vibrant colors and more than enough room for us to share. It’s overflowing in abundance and extravagance. Words can’t fully describe its magnificent splendor.
My soon-to-be betrothed, how I dearly love you! I can’t stop thinking about you. I want to always be by your side. I want to feel the warmth of your embrace. I want to feel the passion of your kisses. I want to be captivated by your comeliness. I want to hold your hand and walk through eternity with you. Oh how I long for you My perfect bride!
My beloved, please wait just a bit longer. I know you long for Me as well. I have business that must be attended to. If I could be there now I would. Until then, I’ll remember that each breath is one breath closer to you. I’ll be the perfect Groom for you. Even though I can’t be with you yet, if you ever need anything ask my Advisor and He will reach Me. I will take care of you for all eternity.
With all of Love’s blessings,
Your Bridegroom forever,
Jesus Christ
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