Just wrote a new poem! I was thinking how when God talked with Abraham He told him to look above to see the stars and look down to see the grains of sand. And it got me thinking God just covered everything above and everything below. So no matter where Abraham would look (they were in a desert area, sand was abundant!) He’d be reminded of the promises of God. So all that inspired this short encouraging poem. I hope it blesses you as much it did me to write it!
Look up – you’ll see the starry night sky.
Look down – you’ll see the grains of sand.
Look forward – you’ll see the promised land.
Look behind – you’ll see God standing by.
Wherever you fix your gaze, you’ll be reminded of God’s ways.
Whenever you look about, remember His promises and erase your doubt.
His love is baked into creation.
Every tribe and every nation.
Every mountain and every valley.
Every desert and every sea.
Look at the signs He left for you to find.
Open your eyes and convince your mind!
Surely the God who calls stars by name.
Can deliver you from every flame!
Faithfulness is His identity.
He only leads us to victory!
Failure is not an option.
He’s already taken all of our sin!
Keep your eyes on things above.
Let your cares fly away like a dove.
Next time you’re feeling down.
Hope in God, and take a look around.
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