Free-wrote this a couple days ago. It reveals the personal intimate relationship God desires to have with each of us. Take time to learn His voice so you can experience all His goodness in full measure.
Just a little longer
Tarry with Me
I enjoy our time together
I cherish each moment
Forget Me not
I’m always thinking of you
Let Me show you My ways
I have secrets I want to share with you
Lie down with Me
Rest in My presence
Let Me heal your wounds
And take your pain
My desire is for You
I enjoy blessing you
You are My beloved child
I’ll always be with you
To hold your hand
And comfort you
Don’t neglect Me
For your name is written on My heart
I’ll protect and defend you
I have set My angels to watch over you
Tell Me your fears
So I can wipe them away
I’ll prove My love is for you
However long it takes
So tarry with Me
Just a little longer
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