Treasure Hunter

The thrill of the hunt
I have Your treasure map
I won’t stop until it’s mine
You’ve left so many traces for me to find
I’ve become an expert at detecting Your clues
I’ll keep digging and searching until I see that familiar glint of treasure I’ve grown to enjoy
Every discovery is stored in my heart
Every treasure changes my thinking
Every time it brings a refreshing
Oh how I love to learn more about You!
Each of Your precious treasures reveals Your character and life
They demonstrate a different kingdom and culture
My storehouse is full of Your treasure
What a privilege to share it with others!
I put them on display in my museum which is my life
Every treasure has its own exhibit
A multitude of words is not enough to describe their importance to me
They define my identity and showcase Your love
I must have more
I’m a treasure hunter
I enjoy exploring Your Word
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