Fresh Harvest

Woke up this morning and sought the Lord in prayer. As I was riding with my bro to church, He spoke one Word to me. ‘Fresh.’
Here are some definitions of fresh:
*newly made or obtained
*recently arrived; just come
*new, not previously known
*additional or further
*retaining the original properties unimpaired; not stale or spoiled
*not tired or fatigued; brisk; vigorous
*not faded, worn, obliterated
*looking youthful or healthy
*pure, cool or refreshing
*exciting, appealing, great
*informed, up-to-date
Do any of these definitions speak to you? There’s a fresh revelation that God wants to reveal. He has fresh paths for us to tread.
He has fresh things He wants to do through His church. He has fresh strength and power for us to do His works. Holy Spirit keeps us fresh. He has fresh healing for us. Every morning His grace and mercies are fresh. He wants to reach stale hearts with His fresh love.
There is a palpable freshness in the air that occurs after the rain. The rainy season is about to end and the freshness is about to be released along with fresh growth. These are exciting times! Be in expectation of a fresh harvest! To Jesus be the glory!
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