Invest Your Time

You’ll make time for the things you care about. Time is our most precious resource. Invest your time in the Lord. You’ll get more back than compound interest. You’ll receive life and peace in greater measure. His promises will become alive in you. Your heart will become entwined with His.
You’ll look forward to your time with the Lord. It’s certainly not boring! You are communicating with the God of the Universe. Here are just few benefits of relationship with God. There are too many to list!
* Intimate secrets He will tell you that no one else will know.
* Things you’ll learn by staying close to His side.
* The experience of His goodness and love that is incomparable to anything else.
* The desires He’ll place in your heart that will fulfill your calling to the utmost.
* The supernatural prophecies, visions and dreams He’ll show you.
* The incredible imagery of Heaven and of the universe.
* Future plans for your life and those you care about.
* Sounds and smells from Heaven that you wouldn’t believe without experiencing.
* The presence of angels and heavenly beings.
* Inspiration for writing, music, artwork, and all kinds of expression.
* The assurance of a Father who is pleased and enjoys blessing you and telling you how much He loves you.
* Intercessory prayer when others need it right in the moment.
* Guidance and wisdom to help you make effective decisions.
The best investment is time with God. Nothing else has a greater return on investment!
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