Learn to listen

Learn to Listen

Listening is more than just hearing what someone has said. It’s actively trying to comprehend and understand what is being spoken. There are many cues to listen far and not all of them all verbal. Non-verbal communication dominates every in-person interaction. We need to learn to listen effectively to minister effectively to others.

Jesus listened carefully. He asked questions of the people. He got them involved in the conversation. He made sure they were heard. I’m sure He watched their body language. Jesus was a masterful communicator and He still is today. There is a verse for every situation that we come across. There is a solution to every problem when we seek the truth of the Word. Listening is a state of meekness and humbleness. “What I have to say is not more important that what you need to say. Share what’s on your heart.” There is a comfort in sharing what burdens you, so that you can receive the strength of Grace to sustain you.

What Jesus has to say, should be most important to us. We should tune-in to hear His voice. When we can hear Him clearly, we can learn from Him. Then, we teach others what He’s taught us. It’s a process of discipleship. We learn from our Master and then we teach those who are following us. Our source must be from Jesus or it will dry up and we’ll get burnt out. Human insight only gets so far. Grace goes past the limits of the mind.

Learn to listen to Jesus, learn to listen to others, and you’ll learn so much more!

“Thank You Jesus, for speaking to me. I can hear Your voice because I have chosen to follow You. I thank You for giving me the meekness and humbleness to listen to others that I may minister to their needs more effectively. I find all my strength in You, Jesus. Thank You Jesus, for teaching me Your Word and helping to teach others Your Word. Thank You for wisdom in applying Your Word in my life. In Your awesome I pray. Amen.”

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