Satan is a Worm

I believe Satan is a worm.
What do you think?
-Blind: prideful, won’t accept truth
-Eat dirt: dirt is where seed is planted, there are harmful worms that will destroy plant roots, “If nematodes are feeding on the roots, a plant may look yellowed, wilted, or stunted and infected food crops will usually yield poorly.”
-Asexual: changes to blend with environment
-Parasitic, tapeworm: get into mind to implant lies, steal the Word of God (sustenance)
-Can’t swim: water of life drowns his influence
-Short life spans: he doesn’t have patience, will give up if you continue standing on Word of God
-Weak: no armor, easily pierced by sword of the Spirit
-Lives in the dark: he hates the light
-Hide and burrow in the ground: opportunistic, hide and wait until time to strike
-Ugly: evil to the core, inside and out
-Used as bait: tries to get people to ingest his lies
-Salt kills them: we are the salt of the world, we dehydrate and choke off his power
-Below our feet: we have the authority over him, he’s below our feet
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