I Just Had to Daddy

While hiking with friends we overheard a conversation between an adorable young boy and his father. There was a big puddle of water and this boy could not ignore it. He jumped directly into it making a huge splash. His father asked him why did you do that? He replied with that he had to jump in the puddle. His father said no you didn’t.
This boy was so convinced. There was no possible way he could have ignored that puddle. He again told his daddy that he had to. The father was not convinced and again told him no you didn’t. This young child had not yet been taught about self-control or it had not been demonstrated to him. He really believed he had to jump in the puddle.
What are we telling our Father?
God I just had to tell that guy off, he cut me off in traffic.
God I just had to yell at my sibling, they did something I told them not to.
God I just had to cry, the doctors said that there’s no hope.
God I just had to…
No you don’t! Just like that father who told his son, you didn’t have to jump in the puddle, you don’t have to do anything. Your reaction to circumstances is not forced. You can control yourself. Self-control is a fruit of the spirit. The difference between a mature and immature believer is self-control.
If God didn’t say it then you have no need to react to it! Speak what God says about you. Declare what His Word has promised you. Take ownership of your self-control today.
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