All In

I’m stepping out of my comfort zone
I’m breaking out of the mold
I’ve finally realized what I’m here for

There’s only Jesus for me
I follow with reckless abandon
Whatever You say I’ll do
I’m determined to be like You

I’m all in, not holding anything back
I’m giving it my all
I want all that You have for me
What is there to lose? 
You’re with me every second of every day
So what could ever shake me?

Your voice is my guide
I may not understand but I know You have a plan for me
I may not see it right away but I know You’re leading me

So I’ll take a chance 
I’ve forsaken myself to follow You
You are my life
My life is You

We’ll break down the walls
We’ll tear down strongholds
We’ll turn the world upside-down
The enemy will flee in 7 ways
He cannot withstand the power of Jesus Name
His kingdom is crumbling
His castle is caving in
His fortress has been sieged
His gates have been breached
We’re taking back the spoils
We return in triumphant victory 
Jesus You won the victory

I’m all in, called to do His work
Jesus I’m Your hands and feet
I’ll be light unto the world

I follow You all of my days

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