Come Too Far

I’ve come too far to turn back now
I’m not looking back I’m taking a step forward

I’ve seen too much, I can’t deny
You are good, you’ve always been
I can’t believe all the lies 
I won’t pretend that I know nothing

You are the truth that can’t be silenced 
You are the light that will never burn out
You are the rock that will never crumble

You are my life, I’m already dead
No more sin, it means nothing to me
I’m free from all, no burdens to speak of
You are the path to righteousness

You dwell in me, forever You’re with me
Death’s curse is gone, taken away by Jesus
We reign with power and authority

I can’t turn back
I won’t give in
I know who You are
I’ll never disbelieve
I’ve seen too much
Seen too much!

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