Here I Stand

You stole my heart, from the very start
Because You first loved me
What power there is in Your love

Oh Who Am I that The Lord of All would lay down His life to rescue me

So here I stand, in the power of Your love
Fully confident in You and Your saving grace
Here I stand, forever unmovable
with my foundation set in the Rock of my Salvation
Here I stand, in the palm of Your hand, shielded from all of life’s quakes
Here I stand, eternally grateful to the One who took my place

You took it all upon the cross 
So here I stand enraptured by You 
Completely blown away at how much You love me
Here I stand in the freedom of Your grace
You’ve set me free from all the binding chains 

So here I stand with my heart in hand
Im committing it to Your tender care
I know that You only have good for me 
So here I stand in Your loving embrace 
The only place that I belong

Here I stand
Here I stand
I’m standing on Your promises and I’m standing on Your every word

I put my hope and my trust and my faith in the Almighty God
Wherever I go You are there with me leading me by Your Grace

So here I stand x3

What power there is in Your love

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