How Could I?

How could I leave the One who took my place?
He paid the price that I could never keep
He lifted me from the depths of defeat
Now we reign in victorious peace

How could I not worship You?
After all You’ve brought me through
Anchor for my soul and Strength when I’m weak
I live to glorify You

How could I deny the love of Christ?
He left the glory of Heaven for me
He bore those painful stripes for my healing
He died and arose to set me free

How could I not love You, after all You went through?
You first loved me before I knew You
You guide me every step of the way
Ever Present and always ready to carry me

How could I not give You glory?
How could I not give You praise?
You raised me up from the pits of despair 
Gave me hope and a brand new life

How could I not give you my life?
How could I not walk after You?

How could I? 
How could I?
How could I?

I will never lose faith in You
I will never forget what You’ve done
I will never disbelieve Your promises

How could I?
Where else would I go?
Who else could I turn to?
Only You, my Beloved Lord
Can save, heal and restore 
Jesus, only You!

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