I Never Knew How Much I Needed Him

I never knew how much I needed Him

I went along with the flow even though I didn’t know
Hypocrite I was wearing a mask to disguise my flaws 
I thought it was only fire insurance
But now I have full assurance 
My life is His alone, He transformed this heart of stone  
My Spirit woke and then I heard Him spoke
I love you 
I felt the warmth of His embrace 
the power of infinite grace
Joy was expressed on my face
My life was forever changed
No longer was I estranged 
I became a child of God that day
Dwelling in His presence will I stay
I never knew how much I needed Him

I tried to live right and shine my light
But religion tried to dictate what I needed to do
“Jesus Loves you yes but only if you do not sin 
Otherwise He’ll throw you in the trash bin
Repent from every sin or you’ll face hellfire
Don’t hide anything from God, He’ll see you as a liar”
What’s the point of grace if you can lose the race
Make one mistake and it’s a wrap
You’ll fall right into Satan’s lap
Too many Rules and regulations
Not even all the nations could keep up with these oblations
Anybody ready for a vacation 
I failed to be holy, uneasiness and stress overwhelmed me
Life went on and I grew cold
I forgot what I’d experienced of old
Grace elevates while religion denigrates
I never knew how much I needed Him

I thought I knew God, especially His rod
Of course it’s God punishing me
Who else could it be, an enemy?
Thinking about religion, I came up with a vision
An angry old man in the sky
Waiting to mess up my thigh
What a terrible picture of a lie
There’s an adversary
That we need to be wary
He’s Satan the deceiever 
He’s fooled many a believer
Don’t get caught in his snare
God really does care 
God is love and He is strong
In fact He’s serenading you with a song 
I discovered grace at church one day
It made no sense but it seemed okay 
I didn’t understand but wanted something more grand 
Unmerited favor doesn’t expire when you waver 
Mercy multiplies when we fail to realize 
That sin has been dealt with
It’s not a well-thought out myth 
Jesus’ Blood the crimson flood 
Washed us clean
You know what I mean
Sin lost its power
No longer will I cower 
Grace overcame the grave
So now we can live brave 
I never knew how much I needed Him

I heard about Holy Spirit
It sounded like a weird fit
I didn’t think too hard about it 
But it’s a gift from Jesus
He sent to empower us
To make us a witness 
We shouldn’t expect anything less
I finally understood what it all meant
I desired this free present
I asked Holy Spirit to fall
How surprised I was when He answered my call
Fire like water burned from within
Like someone took my insides for a spin
I fell to the ground and couldn’t hear a sound 
I basked in His glory so I didn’t have to worry 
Power from on high made me want to fly
I was Baptized in Holy Spirit
I didn’t speak in tongues right away
That didn’t happen until another day
I was praising God in my room alone
Suddenly my words began to change on their own
I didn’t know what I was singing
But I knew this was what I’d been seeking
And guess what, He’d been seeking me too
I never knew how much I needed Him

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