I Will Enter In

I will enter in to Your rest
By faith I have all You’ve given me
I will take my authority
The Word is my life
My Hope and my Song
With praise I enter in to Your rest

The battle is won
Grace has overcome
Love found a way
Jesus our Lord
Buried every sin
Blessed every man

Grace to cover all my weakness
Love to draw me closer to You
Truth to set me free from the enemy
With praise I thank You
With praise I adore You
With praise I bless Your name
Let Your fame echo through the mountains
Let Your renown reverberate in the valleys
I praise You
We praise You
The world praises You
The universe praises You

Hear us sing out
Glory glory
Hear us shout out
Hear our hearts cry
To worship You
We love You our King
We live to worship You
We love to worship You
Be blessed by what You hear
We will enter in to Your rest
With praise
With worship
With singing
With dancing
With love
We will enter in to Your rest
There’s no other place we’d rather be
In Your presence there is fullness of joy
So I will enter in
I enter in
We will enter in
We enter in

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