I Won’t Listen to Your Lies

I won’t listen to your lies
I will not be hypnotized
I’ve seen through your disguise 
I’m severing all my ties
It’s you I despise 

I found my purpose now
I’ve taken on His vow
God’s truth broke through somehow
And All I can say is Wow
To Jesus will I always bow

Was blind but now I see
This is who I was called to be
I’m taking back my family
Jesus is bringing them back to me
We’re going to make Satan flee

Pulling down every evil tower
All because of Jesus’ power
Satan is beginning to cower
He’s wilting just like a flower 
It’s happening this very hour

Your Word I enjoy to read
I know I’m planting seed
Your voice is what I heed
You are all I need
I will let You lead

He’s with me in my quest
We’ll conquer every test
And crush every pest
In Jesus I find rest
He’s the absolute best

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