I’m Tired of the Deception

I’m tired of the deception
I’m sick of all these lies
I won’t take the illusions anymore 

Your Word is true
That I know is a fact
When the enemy tries to trick me
Into disbelief or doubt 
I won’t give in
What You’ve said is reality 
I won’t be fooled by what my senses say
I will hold fast to Your Word 

I’m throwing off this genjutsu
I’m breaking through this barrier
I’m kicking the walls down

You are faithful 
Your Word cannot return void
I won’t back down 
From what is mine
The enemy can’t continue 
To steal from me
You’ve given me the Victory 
What You’ve done is more real
Than what my circumstances show
I believe in You 
My trust is firmly in Your love 

No chains can hold me down
No strongholds will stand in my way 
No weapon formed against me will ever prosper
I won’t be a victim anymore 
Because I’m the victor

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