Jesus Fought for Me

Jesus fought for me
While I was yet a sinner
Christ died for me
The battle was violent
No casualties on His side
The Mighty Warrior laid waste to a horde of demons
As He made His way into the deepest parts of hell
You were on His mind

While He charged forward
He was looking to the day
That You’d join Him in Heaven
And so He broke through the walls 
Made His way to the prisoners
He proclaimed with truth and light
That He was the way to Heaven
That whoever wanted to come with Him
Would be allowed to do so

10 trillion voices raised a cry
“We believe please save us”
Jesus in the blink of an eye
Shattered the bars and broke all their chains 
Their triumphant shout shook the ground 
He protected them as they made their way to Satan’s quarters
Cowering in fear, Satan hid away in shame for he knew he had lost

Jesus took the keys of death, hell and the grave
Jesus 3 day conquest was complete
And with spoils and spirits in tow
He sent them to Abraham’s Bosom
Until He would return to Heaven
With a final victorious shout

He returned to His body
After conquering death once and for all
Jesus fought for me
While I was yet a sinner
Christ died for me

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